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Yargi Episode 23 Summary and Frames

Yargi Episode 23 Summary and Frames

Yargi Ep 23 English Subtitle
Yargi Episode 23 With English Subtitle

Yargi Episode 23 With English Subtitle

Yargi  23 With English 


• Neva: Neva was paying off the widow of the man she was bribed to imprison on the day Engin died. This is the "secret" she was concealing, and why she sold her house in Ankara. She tells Pars and llgaz about it. Pretty underwhelming. 

Ilgaz then advises her to give herself up. Ilgaz's remark of writing a statement is extremely cheeky, in my opinion. Your wife is about to go to prison mate, just mind your business for a bit. Priorities please! Neva calls up Cuneyt in a panic alerting him to llgaz' awareness. 

• Cuneyt: Cuneyt has been ordered by Yekta to get close to Neva; as an audience, we are still at a loss at to whether he has actually "fallen" for her. However, if they want to create some excitement they will have him betray Yekta for Neva, and it will come at the cost of his life. Cuneyt and Neva are bland characters. They really need some energy pronto but I feel like I've been saying this from the very beginning... willing Neva to be more exciting. 

• Serder: Serder possesses a number of forged identification; he distributes this among the teen group making them all above the legal age. They'll be working for the local mob to pay off the debt he owes. Çinar and Parla's relationship is marginally interesting; I hope her one sided crush becomes toxic LOL.

I would say that I enjoyed this episode more than the last one, but I'm still not reaching the same level of enjoyment as I was when I first started. It was a bit of a snoozer so I'm definitely still struggling here. It's ironic. I feel the acting from the leads or Kaan I should specify at the minimum has sizably improved, but the story has progressively gotten sluggish yet theatrical. 

Ceylin: Ceylin receives a formal warning from the bureau rather than being dismissed, so she's back to being an avukat. She makes an earnest plea to Ilgaz to reconsider reapplying for the position of Savci. He agrees, and she gets teary. 

Ceylin has been scheduled into an appointment with a psychiatrist to assess she has any anger issues. Yekta has been trying to build a case against her. When Ceylin rushes out of the room seeing his intentions, the psychiatrist runs out and summons security, claiming she attacked him with a vase, causing his nose to bleed. 

Suspicion is two fold, stemming from the fact that he instructed her to move the vase early into their meeting, resulting in her fingerprints being found. Instead of reacting accordingly, Ceylin behaves incredibly aggressive when Derya questions her. 

I was just giving this situation a heavy side eye since Ceylin isn't stupid but she was behaving like she is. She is detained at the courthouse for the time being. According to the doctor, the flowers were given to him by a previous patient, which is why they were in his office.

Summary P3 

Pars: Pars is having a difficult time with llgaz at the minute who is chasing down Neva. He dislikes Cuneyt as he and Neva prepare to move in together. He is now not being as accommodating as he previously was with regards to Ceylin, but I don't blame him! 

Hearing: That hearing was quite theatrical. Gul shouting in response to Yekta's accusations. Bu ne ya? His and Ceylin's constant screaming matches are getting a little tirng to watch. I have to remind myself that Yekta is a successful avukat with his own firm. With his cheap, continuous commentary, even the hakim was getting irritated. The third bullet's information arrived just in time. Ceylin is awarded her freedom. 

Yekta: At the end of the episode, Yekta is arrested on suspicion of murdering Engin; he knew Niyazi through a client he represented - a pair of brothers. An arrest order is issued after Yekta's business card is discovered among Niyazi's personal items. 

Family dinner: Merdan invites Ceylin's family to dinner. Tugçe and Eren join for some inexplicable reason. The drug posee assemble and are late in seeing Serder and Merve (another non-essential character). 

Merdan: Seda discovers Merdan's and Yekta's ties. According to my understanding, Merdan allegedly killed a man who had beaten his wife to death. The father then turned his rage on his young son. By falsifying some DNA documents, Yekta assisted Merdan in claiming the son. 

Merdan let Yekta get away with his low-level connections from his hit- and-run accident in exchange. Seda then declares her intention to return to Izmir. Don't let the door hit you on the way out. Character with the smallest impact. I've never been fond of her... Final scene: Ceylin receives a video on a USB from Engin. 

Summary P4 

• Engin's murder: Two new testimonials have been given. Three gunshots were heard that day, according to a woman who came forward. Ilgaz gets a phone call in response to a social media post asking anyone with information about the murder in Sile to contact him. A filmmaker responds. One minute after the initial gunshot, two consecutive rounds are heard on film. 

Only two bullets have been recovered, so llgaz returns to the crime scene to locate the third bullet, which is lodged in a tree, hidden behind a birdhouse. Super saiyan Ilgaz at it again! I'm kidding - I didn't mind this segment much. 

• Murat: Lacin has been working to set Murat free. She employs the services of a lawyer. Murat is first suspected of dropping Lacin off at the hospital, then returning after Engin had escaped. He allegedly brought Lacin to a residence in Kadikoy, according to evidence. While Lacin awaits his release, Yekta accosts her and returns her to her home. She's a character with a weak will... 

• Gul: Gul is the worst mother. She's so unhelpful and contemptuous. Support Aylin's decision to divorce her husband. She has earned the right to be free from that scumbag. They need to spice up this plot a little. Have Zumrut's spouse find out through Aylin, causing Zumrut to be the victim of domestic abuse, resulting in the child's death, or have Osman get beaten. Something. The sub story needs a pick up.



• Everything else, on the other hand, bores me. Lacin, Yekta, this whole re- run with Ceylin. It makes me feel like l'm watching a repeat. Ilgaz' trust issues... his actions in the fragman sort of disappointed me! In terms of character introductions, they give us a lot of irrelevance. Many clientele, Shavher Yenge, Seda, and a slew of other unknowns. It's difficult to keep up. 

They offer us everything that isn't important, but they haven't made any progress on the important issues. I've come to the conclusion that it doesn't matter who killed who. I'd just like it to be someone before I grow direly bored as a viewer. I know, I know, sabr (paitience). 

• I decided to be thorough today since my last few reviews have been a little lax. No clips again. Until next time arkadashlar.


• I genuinely enjoy Ilgaz and Ceylin now, in a manner I didn't before; l'd call that a pro to the episode. Sitting together, sharing meals, and hugging in such a natural way. They're just a lot more laid-back and settled than they were previously, but infinitely more romantic. 

• Merdan, I imagine, will have another "son" appear on the scene. So far, it's been semi-interesting. 

• like Derya and would love the idea of a Par's love story; I think they could make the Aylin story significantly more interesting; Çinar and Parla, as well as Tugce, have some merit. 

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