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Uc Kiz Kardes Episode 6 Summary and Frames

Uc Kiz Kardes Episode 6 Summary and Frames

Uc Kiz Kardes 6 English Subtitle HD
Uc Kiz Kardes Episode 6 With English Subtitle HD

Uc Kiz Kardes Episode 6 With English Review

In the ratings conqueror Three Sisters, the balance of power changes, the real excitement begins!

Based on İclal Aydin's bestselling work of the same name, the success of The Three Sisters is jaw-dropping. The balance between Türkan and Somer changes in the series, whose story is much loved by the audience. The excitement on The Three Sisters is obviously just beginning.

The Star TV series Three Sisters, which premiered its fifth episode last night, is officially a huge success. The show, which started the ratings war from the bottom and rose to the top with its weekly episode, peaked last week. This week, he increased his scores to retain his place at the top.

Although it has been criticized by viewers for its drama and violence content in its first episodes, the series continues to increase its chart of success in each episode. In the new teaser from the series, it seems that the audience will be waiting for more energy and exciting scenes in the upcoming episodes.

In the new episodes, we will watch a Turkan who stands much stronger. Somer, who married himself even though he loved someone else and said that this marriage would be for show on his first night, let's see what he does against this new Turkan.

In the first episode of The Three Sisters, the most beautiful girl in town, Türkan, was marrying Somer, the son of the richest family. But what seemed like a fairy tale had a lot of drama behind it. Somer was in love with someone else, and at the bereament of his mother, he said yes to this marriage. He made it clear to Turkan that he would never love her. He even received violence from his Turkan mother-in-law.

Some viewers reacted to this part of the story, saying it made her look victimized. However, the story takes on a new dimension in its new episodes and prepares to bring a stronger Turkan to the audience.

The unexpected breakup on Uc Kiz Kardes was abrupt for the show that went well!

The change to the series Uc Kiz Kardes, which started to air on Channel D screens and reached the top of the ratings, attracted great attention! Based on İclal 

Aydin's work of the same name, the series surprised everyone with its 4th episode, which aired this week, ending the day as the ratings winner.

In a matter of weeks, the show quickly managed to become a critically acclaimed production on Tuesday evenings. A change in the series starring İclal Aydin, Reha 

Özcan, Almila Ada, Ozgur Kaya, Berker Güven, Melisa Berberoglu and Veda Yurtsever surprised everyone!

Because any change in a series that goes so well can also carry a risk for the show that goes well! And if this change is happening to the level of screenwriters! It is 

not known why such a change was needed in the background, but a news report during the week was a development that will also surprise viewers.

Nilufer Özçelik and Sevgi Yilmaz will now write the script for the series in place of Betül Yağsağan, who has been the screenwriter of the series since the first episode. 

The reason for the change is unclear. But the show, which has a good ratings ratings for viewers, is worried about the negative impact of this change! We will monitor 

the situation together in the future.

Meanwhile, one of the new screenwriters, Nilufer Özçelik, wrote the screenplay for the latest series Of Angel My Name. Sevgi Yilmaz also worked on My Son and The 


While quietly maintaining its presence on screen, it gradually climbed to the top of the ratings, placing three sisters. On Tuesday evenings, he even beat The Saga, 

which has long been a winner. Let's see if this first place continues next week.

Actress Almila Ada, who first stepped on the set of the series in 2014 with her character 'River' in The Day My Fate Was Written, became widely known for her role as 

'Melis' in The Legend.

Almila Ada made her debut with the drama series Tears of Heaven. After a Mad Wind and Pigeon series, Almila Ada returned to screens in the new season as 'Return' in 

Channel D's Three Sisters.

Appearing in front of the lens for the March issue of Women's Shine Magazine Magazine, the beauty posed strikingly for the magazine.

Here are the ratings for Tuesday, March 22nd! The powerful exit of the Three Sisters has disrupted the rhythm of The Saga!

Detail – In Tuesday night's ratings competition, the Three Sisters completely changed the balance. Channel D, which experienced a very strong rise in the all-people category in particular, dropped the Series of Epics from first place after this success.

Epic, atv's big-budget period series, has surpassed 16 episodes and has attracted attention as a very successful business. Destan, who wows fans with the impressive harmony of Ebru Şahin and Edip Tepeli, continues to receive strong interactions on social media. However, the show's first place in the ratings is now a thing of the past...

All the balance changed on Tuesday evenings after Channel D's Three Sisters made the big splash. On Tuesday evening (March 22nd) the three sisters again won the all-people category. The saga has fallen to the third state... Although Destan has achieved very good results in all people, it is also a remarkable detail that it has fallen below average in the EU and ranked eighth.

Channel D's three Sisters series came in second place in the EU group and third on ABC1. The show's ratings suggest it could also be up for first place on the EU and ABC1 in the coming weeks.

We see that the father series is fourth in the EU, sixth on ABC1 and seventh in the all-people category. The show TV series managed to build a bone-up audience with above-average ratings.

Let's note that The Innocents Apartment is still in a strong position, finishing fifth in the EU and ABC1, but has dropped to 10th place with ratings that fall below average in the all-people category.

Everything About Marriage fell below average in all categories. The signals aren't good for the Fox TV series, but still having a bone mass could give the show a chance to continue until the end of the season.

The actress, who stands out for both her beauty and talent, said in an interview with the magazine, 'What was the most amazing and pleasing thing you've ever heard 

from fans?'

The actress, who told the magazine about her concerns, is also acclaimed for her portrayal of 'Return' in Channel D's Uc Kiz Kardes.

The series, produced by Ali Gundoğdu and Inci Gundoğdu and based on İclal Aydin's record-breaking novel Three Sisters, tells the story of the very connected sisters 

Türkan, Return and Derya. Eda Teksöz sits in the director's chair of the series, while Betül Yağsağan writes the screenplay.

As last night's retings show, tuesday night's new judge is the Uc Kiz Kardes series. There's Everything About Marriage, which has a very different story in front of the 

show, which manages to outpace its strongest rival, Destan. Unlike the Three Sisters, the ratings for Everything About Marriage, which makes women look very 

strong, are also an important sign of what the viewer wants to watch.

All About Uc Kiz Kardes and Marriage... One's Channel D and one's a Fox TV show. What the two of them have in common is that they appear on Tuesday nights and 

compete against each other. But the Three Sisters showed last night that she's the strongest competitor of the night.

Uc Kiz Kardes, which premiered in its fourth episode last night, tells the story of three sisters living in a small Aegean town. Türkan, the eldest and most beautiful 

daughter of the family who is very happy in the story, marries Somer, the son of the richest family in the town.

But what appears to be a fairy tale has a great deal of drama behind it. Somer is in love with someone else and says yes to this marriage at the bereament of her 

mother. And he's making it clear to Turkan that he'll never love her. Turkan even gets violence from his mother-in-law. However, Despite this situation, Türkan refuses 

her husband's request for a divorce. He's even comforted by his mother by saying, "He's your husband, he loves you in time."

Everything About Marriage tells the story of very powerful women. Female lawyers who survive in the male world are fighting against injustices. And with this story, it 

reveals the power within women.

When we look at the ratings results of the night, we see that the three sisters who were crushed by the woman came first in the ratings, while the scores of Everything 

About Marriage, which came up with the story of the strong woman, were falling steadily. This shows that the Turkish audience prefers to watch the story of the 

oppressed woman over the strong one.


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