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Kardeslerim Episode 45 Summary and Frames

Kardeslerim Episode 45 Summary and Frames

Kardeslerim Ep 45 With English Subtitle
Kardeslerim Episode 45 With English Subtitle

Kardeslerim 45 English Review

Brothers and sisters, fans of the show have left their hearts on this stage, rewinding and watching again!

Detail – New ones are added to the successful performance of the series Called Brothers, which is broadcast on atv screen. The show continues with its strong storyline and impressive cast and is expected to take its place on screen for a third season. My Brothers, who were moving step by step towards the season finale, were on screen on the evening of March 19 with episode 44.

Fans of my brothers especially loved the scene, which featured special moments and misfortune of Asiye and Doruk together... Doruk and Asiye's home meeting, which is a surprise for the viewers, is disrupted by the arrival of Doruk's mother... The character of Nebahat Atakul, played by Simge Selçuk, was the one who ended the couple's excitement of meeting at home in episode 44. Of course, this brought about a scene full of funny.

Onur Syed Yaran and Su Burcu Yazgı Coskun were a very successful couple. Doruk and Asiye characters also stole the hearts of fans of the show... Every scene of the duo breaks viewing records. Support for Doruk and Asiye characters, which are constantly on the agenda in the social media environment, never decreases.

In the special scene in episode 44 of my brothers' series, Doruk and Asiye fans also had fun moments and posted comments on social media saying they could not get themselves out of watching these moments over and over again.

A number of fans commented: "I can watch it a thousand times without getting too cold just for Doruk's gaze. I left my heart on stage."

Fans of the show, who said they had been waiting for these moments for weeks, also sent a message to the screenwriters. Seeing a happy Asiye and Doruk in its own right, without third parties, without scenes going back in time, boosted the morale of the fans.

Fans of the show, who pretended to be married couples and found the situations of Asiye and Doruk, who both cook and do homework together, were extremely beautiful, commented, "It would have been better if nabahat had not come, but this is also beautiful."

Saturday night's series Of My Brothers continues to get good ratings and garner millions of fans.


I enjoyed the scene where Asiye and Doruk reconciled, but I can't believe he sent her home without giving her the meal she prepared. I'd be fuming lol. She was stuck outside in the cold while he and mumzy ate all that mac & cheese. 

Nebahat! I really wish she and Ayla would treat themselves with a little more dignity. Why is she crying? If it were for the status I would understand. Nebahat is well aware that Akif is a liar and a murderer. She is guilty by association of these two factors. I'm sure Akif will take advantage of the fact that she murdered Resul to get that divorce from her.. 

To be honest, I'm not bothered by the fact that Asiye was shot. She'll be back at home after a few hospital scenes. All their para problems always leads to someone getting shot. 

The boxing match between Berk and Aybike was fantastic. I just feel that the couple has gone into obscurity and become so boring. The boxing scene rekindled some of their old vibes. 

I'm curious to see how they deal with Berk's grief, Nebahat and Ayla's relationship with the new lies, and whether or not Akif blackmails Nebahat post Resul's death. I believe it will be entertaining, if repetitive as always.

The real father who saw Celil Nalchakan and Onur Syed Yaran on the set of My Brothers can think of son!

Detail – Famous actor Celil Nalchakan stars in the tv series Brothers... The actor, who plays Akif Alakurt in a role that ers the nerves of the audience, is one of the architects of the success of the series with his performance.

Those who know Jalil Nalchakan also know that he is a very funny person. Brothers and sisters, the news from the set of the series also conveys the fact that the veteran actor is the joy of the set... Onur Syed Yaran, who plays Akif's son Doruk, has many scenes with Celil Nalchakan.

The young actor is gaining experience in his master and having a lot of fun on set with his jokes. Onur Syed Yaran said, "He is a very fun man. We've done the same thing on stage, unaware of each other. We had the same surprises, the same reactions, like a father and son. We send them to each other via social media and have fun."

Onur Syed Yaran said that the similar reactions in the scenes are an indication that they are really like father and son. The actor, who was at the center of the story in doruk character, also won the love of millions with his successful performance.

Onur Syed Yaran, who was also very pleased with the way the show went, also said that he had a lot of fun on set.

"Akif Atakul is a legend in this series", the young actor said, praising Celil Nalchakan.

The story of My Brothers, which airs On Saturday nights, continues strongly. Viewers' demands are reflected on social media for the atv series, which continues to receive good ratings, for a third season already. It's also fair to say that his story is in a position to continue.

The show's standout characters, Asiye and Doruk, give viewers a distinct pleasure. It's important to see the fact that there are people who watch their scenes especially, and even follow the brothers series just for this couple.

Both Su Burcu Yazgı Coskun and Onur Seyit Yaran shared some details about how asiye and Doruk characters will be positioned in the story. Speaking to the TV show, both actors said they didn't know exactly how the story would go.

Doruk, played by Onur Syed Yaran, has a very strong attitude towards his father Akif. But how long is this going to take? The actor was skeptical and noted: "He's a father, so how far does that go? But he spoke too harshly. I think Akif needs to make some big moves and make the kid happy. But I have no idea how that's going to work."

Akif's words about Asiye's mother are still a scene that the audience remembers... Did Asiye believe his words? According to Su Burcu Yazgı Coskun, this issue does not seem to be elaborated. "I think he and Omar should not let this go," he said.

How will the Kaan issue, which is a problem between asiye and Doruk characters, be solved? How does Kaan feel about Asiye? Is Doruk jealous of this? And these questions are haunting the audience.

The question of Doruk's jealousy is profound. According to the young player, Doruk envys everything asiye is interested in. Onur Syed Yaran said: "I think Kaan did wrong. I think it's unethical. He's keeping it up, don't keep it up. Your brother's girlfriend."

Su Burcu Yazgı Coskun, who thinks Kaan likes Asiye, stated that this situation will not last long. The issue needs to be closed, he said.

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