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Kara Tahta Episode 1 Summary and Frames

Kara Tahta Episode 1 Summary and Frames

Kara Tahta 1 English Subtitles
Kara Tahta Episode 1 With English Subtitles

Kara Tahta Episode 1 With English Subtitles

Blackboard Series Cast Characters... TRT1 has been in the ratings lately with ambitious productions. The Blackboard series is one of these productions. By adding information such as the cast, subject, and when it will be broadcast,

Blackboard Series Cast Characters

The cast of The Blackboard is starting to become clear. The Blackboard series is signed by BASE Productions. Erkan Birgören writes the blackboard series. The director of the Blackboard series was Ender Mihlar. The blackboard series stars Miray Daner and Furkan Andic. Here's the cast and character information for The Blackboard:

Furkan Andic (Atlas)

Miray Daner (River)

Cengiz Bozkurt (Arif)

Mine Tüfekcioglu (Blow)

Flower Tongue (Love)

Nizam Namidar (Hekmat)

Kerem Arslanoglu (Bekir)

Selen Uçer (Münevver)

Onur Durmaz (Cafer)

Taylan Meydan (Alexander)

Jasmine Printer (Esra)

Veda Terzioglu (Irem)

Murat Danaci (Harun)

Omer Faruk Uluocak (Nevzat)

Furkan Andic (Atlas)

He played Furkan Andic Atlas in The Blackboard. The lead actor in the Blackboard series was Furkan Andic. Furkan Andic was born in Istanbul in 1990. She has appeared in College Diary, Desperate Housewives, Runaway Brides, Broken Flowers, Sweet Revenge, Mary, Sister Children, You Everywhere and The Penthouse. Furkan Andic instagram

Miray Daner (River)

Miray Daner plays Irmak in Blackboard. Miray Daner is the lead actress in the blackboard series. Miray Daner was born in Istanbul in 1999. Our course has appeared in Ataturk, Hello Hayat, Medcezir, You Are My Homeland, A Liter of Tears, Hakan Guardian, Bird Flight. Miray Daner instagram account

Onur Durmaz (Cafer)

Onur Durmaz, who will star in The Blackboard, was included as Cafer in the series. Onur Durmaz last appeared in The Judiciary. Onur Durmaz, famous for his role as Engin in the judicial series, was curious about the new series. Onur Durmaz was born in Kocaeli in 1990. He appeared as Engin in the judicial series. Onur Durmaz instagram

Cengiz Bozkurt (Arif)

Cengiz Bozkurt played Arif in The Blackboard. Cengiz Bozkurt joined the cast of Blackboard. Cengiz Bozkurt will appear in The Blackboard with an inverted character this time. Cengiz Bozkurt was born in Nevsehir in 1965. He appeared in The Murder Ornament, Time of Happiness, We Are Confused as a Family, Little Tradesman, North Star First Love, My Youth Eyvah, Jet Society series.

Flower Tongue- Love Teacher

She also plays the role of Teacher of Love in The Flower Tongue, which stars in The Blackboard. Cicek Dilligil was born in Istanbul in 1969. He graduated from Mimar Sinan University State Conservatory. My cousins have appeared in The European Side, From The Beginning and Repentance.

Nizam Namidar- Hikmet

Nizam Namidar plays Hikmet in The Blackboard. Nizam Namidar was born in Istanbul in 1961. Day 8, The Bandit Does Not Rule the World, My Name is Angel. nizam namidar chalkboard array

Taylan Meydan- Alexander

He will play Taylan Meydan Alexander in The Blackboard. Taylan Meydan was born in Istanbul in 1997. He graduated from Istanbul University Theatre. Canevim, Nothing, Accidental Love

Mine Tüfekcioglu- Blow

Who is Mine Tüfekçioglu, who is in the cast of Blackboard? Mine Tüfekcioglu, who played Blowt in the Blackboard series, was born in Istanbul in 1966. She appeared in Zerda, Genco, I Loved a Child, Galip Dervis, Maria and Mustafa. enamel tufekcioglu chalkboard horizon

Kerem Arslanoglu (Bekir)

Who is Kerem Arslanoglu, who will star in The Blackboard? Kerem Arslanoglu was born in 1991. Until now, Teacher Kemal has appeared in The Lead and Hay Sultan series Beyond the Clouds. kerem Arslanoglu chalkboard

Selen Uçer- Münevver

Selen Uçer will play Münevver in The Blackboard. Selen Uçer was born in 1983. He appeared in Mad Palace, Big Big Lies, Call My Manager, Innocence, Leyla and Mecnun, Everything About Marriage, Dilberay series.

Jasmine Printer – Esra

Jasmine Yazici plays Esra in The Blackboard. Yasemin Yazici was born in Istanbul in 1997. She starred in the latest Summer, Club, Love Tactics series. Jasmine Printer instagram  jasmine printer chalkboard sequence

Veda Terzioglu -Irem

Veda Terzioglu stars in The Blackboard. Veda Terzioglu was born in Ankara in 1994. He appeared in Back Streets, One Heart, Emerald, Resurrection. farewell tailor son chalkboard

Murat Danaci -Harun

Murat Danaç plays Harun in The Blackboard. Murat Danaci was born in Manisa in 1976. She's appeared in Love Burns, Reckoning, Forgive Me, Our Story, My Name Is Angel.

Omer Faruk Uluocak -Nevzat

Who is Omer Faruk Uluocak, the actor who plays Nevzat in The Blackboard? Omer Faruk Uluocak instagram

Character information of the actors in the Blackboard series:

Arif: Atlas' father, headmaster

Ultimatum: Atlas' mother

Reclusive: Irmak's mother

Love: Arif's new wife

Hekmat: Atlas' mentor

Bekir: Irmak's fiancée, who worked with him in the workshop

Cafer: Atlas and Bekir's school friend

Esra, Irem, Harun, Nevzat: Teacher

Blackboard Series Topic

The blackboard series has been revealed. The Blackboard series will tell the story of an unfinished love in the past. The Blackboard series will tell the love story of Atlas and Irmak. Atlas (Furkan Andic), who was bullied in high school, was assigned to his own school as a math teacher years later. Is the return of Atlas, who had to face his former love Irmak (Miray Daner), a coincidence or humility?

The blackboard series has been revealed. The cast of Blackboard has yet to be announced. As new cast members join the Blackboard series, we'll add to our topic. The Blackboard series will be broadcast on Trt1 screens and we are sure it will be very popular. Trt1 continues to be very successful in new series. We think he'll be successful with the Blackboard series. Who do you think should be on the show? Do you watch The Blackboard?  You can type your Chalkboard sequence comments down.

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