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Kaderimin Oyunu Episode 13 Summary and Frames

Kaderimin Oyunu Episode 13 Summary and Frames

Kaderimin Oyunu 13 English Subtitles
Kaderimin Oyunu Episode 13 With English Subtitles

Kaderimin Oyunu Episode 13 English Subtitles

The sadness of Ahmet, who was so affected by the heated argument between his parents and who left the house in a rage, thought that his father would never return. Please don't let the kids suffer the consequences of parents' mistakes. Ahmad is the most innocent of this story. In order to cheer him up, he also upset the gaze that made him feel like a storm was brewing as words poured out of Narcissus's tongue, which advised him that his father loved him very much and that he would never leave. Narcissus now loves Ahmad and wants him not to suffer the fate they suffered.

The second part of the olive oil-like top-up session began when Cemal, who had hit rock bottom with his blows from Helin and Asiye, got high and returned home drunk. Despite the anger cemal threw up at him, Helin stood up to him in a very mild manner and took the first blow when our gentleman attributed his unhappiness to him. Before he had a chance to get over the impact of this serious accusation, 

he was shocked when Cemal confessed to falling in love with someone else. What, the woman he fell in love with was his light, his breath. You can't find your way without light, you can't live without breathing, but mashallah himself has found his way, he's been promoted from driving to manager, he's made a fortune. Helin doesn't know about this great love, and I think she's a woman of conscience enough to know how to back off, but she's the one who deceived Jamal and led him to unhappiness.

As the person who extinguishes his light, who takes his breath away, it's all helin's fault. He took all the blows a woman could take in a matter of minutes, Helin. Should she face the fact that she was never really loved, or deal with being accused of ruining other people's lives, or suffer that she was seen as the cause of her husband's unhappiness? It doesn't matter if Jamal sobers up in the morning and regrets what he said. He left the wreckage once. You think we've lost Helin, the love butterfly?

What about Asiye, who listened to all these conversations from the window of her room, who was sad when she saw Cemal's sadness, and who didn't sleep just for that reason? New rhetoric again – inconsistencies in action. I thought it was about Jamal. I thought he's the one who forced you all to lie. When you saw two tears, two signs of remorse, did your vein of mercy swell, Asiye? And they stand on the balcony in his sights and make eye contact while he watches sadly... I'm instructing myself to calm down again.

While Mahir and Zuhal were thinking about how and where to cross paths again, Zuhal's exit from Helin's college was the surprise of the night for us audiences. It was a surprise to the two of them that the two met in public at demirhan mansion. In response to the curious and confused gaze of the host community about where and how the two met, and Zahide's usual cornering/open search/deposition questions, Mahir handled the situation well. He simply dismissed the interrogation, which was about to begin by telling the truth, but it doesn't seem to be that easy to get rid of Zuhal. 

Zuhal, who found out that Mahir was not really married in their conversations at the bar but could not hide his surprise when he saw that Mahir pretended to be really married to the people in the mansion, also dismissed Zuhal's "Why?" questions as private matters, family matters and received confirmation from him about keeping this secret. 

I would also like to point out that I did not get that trust from Zuhal when I did not understand mahir's example of courage and loose-mouthedness to entrust such a great secret to a woman he had known for two days, who he did not know. I have the feeling that he's going to make a fetish image ready to detonate a bomb at any moment. "If you're not really married, it'll do my job," he said, signaling that he liked Mahir and therefore wouldn't let him off his back.

It wasn't a good idea for Mahir to secretly invite Cemal to dinner organized to cheer Helin up, hoping to make things right between the husband and wife. And when my well-meaning minnow realized it wasn't a good idea, it was too late. The tense atmosphere, 

which began by saying that Helin was very curious about Cemal's great love that he could not forget and in which we felt the stress and writhing state of the AsCem duo in every word that spilled out of Helin's tongue, reached its peak when the gentleman cemal met at the restaurant where he went to get high on the night of the eventful debate and chatted about the children came to their table and greeted Cemal as " Hello girl father". 

Although Helin rightly suspected that Cemal had a daughter of great love, Cemal also made sure to scold Helin for him, saying that he had mistaken him for someone, that he had not corrupted him so that the matter would not be prolonged, and that he was handling the situation. There's nothing more natural than a woman going over her doubts, asking to save her relationship, questioning her. Besides, Helin is a wounded, disgruntled, unhappy woman. It is outrageous that every sentence he says at dinner, every question he asks, is reprimanded and silenced by the man who put him in this mood when the justification is non-negotiable.

When Asiye took over as an experienced textile player to sew Fikret's torn coat, he was given a millineration path to get a lining. But will cemal, who is diminished and endless, miss this opportunity? Zahide renounces gossip, Raci katakulli, but Cemal does not stop pursuing Asiye. Every time we see Cemal and Asiye side by side, it's frustrating enough, but with the sudden rain at the millinery exit, 

we're again exposed to scenes that push my patience limits. We go back in time when Cemal raised his arms against the rain, not moving a hair, and as the roles changed, we see that Asiye stopped him while Cemal tried to escape the rain and the two lovers got wet together. It's romantic when two lovers get wet in the rain together,

acceptance. When they carried out this action, the Ascem duo were probably lovers, and again, Cemal promised that he would not leave Asiye forever. The past is the past, there's a lot of water under the bridge. What's the point of recreating the same scene now? I don't know what to say about Asiye walking under her coat to keep Cemal from getting wet anymore. 

You, my dear Asiye, raised two children alone, became both parents to them, came from one city to another on the night of the murder without losing your cool, and are courageous and strong enough to take on your daughter's guilt if necessary. Two minutes too wet in the rain and being sick scares you and you're down with Jamal?  Now, please tell me, how can Bade stay calm?

It was not difficult to imagine that after Ilayda barely persuaded Narcissus to come to the beach with him because he could not get permission from his mother to go out, they would go to the entertainment venue instead of the beach and they would get in trouble. Daffodils found the remedy waiting in the car when his desire to return to the mansion was vetoed by the anger of being tricked. 

Daffodil, bored when Ilayda's 10-minute stop was hours away and came to her side at the bar to convince Ilayda to leave, found herself in the middle of a police raid. I say in vain, his father's daughter? They're suffering like father-daughter magnets, blessed.

Even seeing the police from afar was enough to raise Narcissus' level of fear to the highest level, but a few minutes ago, narcissus became unable to know where to put his hand when he threatened to report him to the police because he had responded negatively to a request to make a connection with Ilayda. 

Fortunately, Necmi came to the mercy and showed the way for Narcissus to sneak out of the venue. At the height of panic and fear, Narcissus jumped into the taxi and headed to the mansion without even waiting for Necmi and Ilayda to leave from the inside.

In the mansion, as usual, there is no ordinary night. Zahide overhears Raci's contract to meet someone at the hotel on the phone, a private business answer about the casino she gets from her husband doesn't satisfy her, and I wonder if Raci is telling the truth or is she going to meet Meral. Of course, he doesn't realize that Mr. Harun saw him at the hotel and that he was going after him in the middle of the night because he was wondering what he was doing at the hotel.

Asiye, who we knew had a fracture from the beginning of the episode, probably fell into bed with the rain she ate, and it's on fire. Ignoring the possibility that someone could enter a sick person's room at any time, Cemal's entry into Asiye's room was madness and futurism in itself, while not only watching his ex-wife from afar, but also kissing her on the forehead. What should we do if we don't classify this act as shameless and immoral? A married man trespasses in the bedroom of a house and kisses a married woman on the forehead. Being married,

I can't decide whether it's trespassing or sensual contact or which is worse. Shortly afterwards, Gülsüm comes to the room and saves us from continuing to be subjected to this nonsense, but he is not naturally satisfied with Cemal's explanation of what he was doing at the head of Asiye. Anyway, we're breathing easy because we got rid of Jamal, how do we know that in a few minutes the big bomb's going to go off?

Mahir was the first person to come across Narcissus by chance, arriving at the mansion without a shred of panic. Mahir, who was almost mad when Narcissus told him what had happened to him and became aware of the threat he had made to him from Necmi, gave the taxi driver his money and sent him home, and then he walked over to Narcissus and started beating him. If Fikret hadn't caught up in a matter of seconds, he could have killed Necmi on the spot. 

It's known that I never liked Necmi, but they're all destined for him between his two lips, so I'd like to point out that I agree with his arguments that they get along with him. Oh, my kind-hearted, loving Mahir, for people who are not related by blood, you do things in your life that maybe you'll never do, you risk the dangers,

You're even taking on your brother. But it turns out the price is nothing. In Asiye's room, where we are beamed simultaneously, "Cemal go" is poured from our patient's lips while applying cold towels to make gulsüm fever drop. We listen carefully to see if we hear it right, this time we hear a delirium of "Jamal don't leave me". This time there is no question of "I wonder" or "Did he hear or not" because we end the episode with Gulsüm jumping out of his seat in shock and saying to himself, "They have fallen in love with each other".

Let me say this is where the word ends... Mahir comes down the throat with Necmi, rests fikret, but Ms. Asiye counts her cheeky, outrageous ex-wife. The effects of the disease, as if he was not himself, do not work for me, because the patients, the injured, those who are conscious after a long break, do not first count their favorite person? I don't think there's any potential for silence in Gulsüm, and I don't think he should. I can decipher the Asiye-Jamal relationship, oh fine. I'd be devastated for Mahir, who would only be sorry for Asiye.

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