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Kaderimin Oyunu Episode 11 Summary and Frames

Kaderimin Oyunu Episode 11 Summary and Frames

Kaderimin Oyunu 11 With English
Kaderimin Oyunu Episode 11 With English Subtitles

Kaderimin Oyunu Episode 11 With English Subtitles

Summary P1 

Hello, everyone. I hope everyone's week has been going as well as it possibly can. This episode wasn't as horrible as the last one, but there's still no movement and a lot of the characters are one dimensional, so I'm going to stop watching after the next one if nothing major happens. Prior to the fragman's release, I wrote this. I know it's pretty repetitive! 

• Cemal is envious of Mahir's connection with Nergis. Ugur informed Mahir about the birthday celebration at the park. 

• Nergis informs Cemal that he chose Ahmet over her once again and that his lateness to her birthday party was unacceptable. The scene where Asiye chastised him was one of my favourites. Cemal buys Nergis plenty of gifts as an apology, but they don't appease her as she simply wanted his time and affection. 

• Raci is flirting with Meral. I'm not sure who Meral believes she's going to see at the Demirhan mansion. I really dislike her, and her irrelevance! They've been telling everyone how they're from Amasya, & Cemal is from Amasya. What's the goal of it all? Might as well hand Nergis over to the police. 

• Meral has been duped by her boyfriend, who has absconded with their joint account's whole balance. Cough, cough, Tindler Swindler con artist. LOL! 

• Raci has been reinstated in the company. Cemal is attempting to build bridges since exposing him in the previous episode for attempting to frame Mahir in relation to the company's silent bid offer over a tender. 

• When Asiye needs to return home from Meral's, Cemal goes to pick her up. The usual car breakdown occurs, and they end up at a stranger's house in the middle of the night. They "reconnect" for a short while before arriving back home.

Summary P2 

• Raci hires a Pl to look into Asiye's past to find out who is the father of her children. At the end of the episode, a file is passed onto him and he informs Cemal he will know everything there is to know about "Asiye Demirhan". 

• Zahide's incessant scathing comments and chatter is quite frankly irritating. Bestie, your husband is cheating on you. They need to give the sub- characters stories. Alican left for the simple matter of having a crush. It's like everyone's lives solely revolves around Asiye as they stay at home playing detective. 


• I'm being serious about Cemal not having a full deck of cards up there. Does anyone else think he seems a little... not right? Ego centric and self centred, yes, but he genuinely seems to be missing some cogs with his pattern of grandiosity, need for admiration and lack of empathy. 

• The dizi has been renewed. There are around 10-12 weeks left in the current season, which always concludes in May, thus Kaderimin Oyunu will wrap up the season on episode 20-22. I don't like being a downer, but l'll tell you what optimistic fan pages may neglect to say. 

The first ten episodes reveal a dizis trajectory. If they don't fast give this dizi some momentum, by the time Season 2 rolls around in September, I believe it will be down to its 2s, possibly even 1s after the long summer break.

 As a result, it may get cancelled in the early episodes of Season 2 - maybe 25/27, similar to Son Yaz because Star has signed projects with a number of renowned actors so they are keeping this on in the meanwhile. Let's just say, I'm wishing for the best and that this script surprises us all. But it's one of the strangest dizis I've watched.

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