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Kaderimin Oyunu Episode 11 English Review

Kaderimin Oyunu Episode 11 With English Review

Kaderimin Oyunu 11 English HD
Kaderimin Oyunu Episode 11 English Subtitles HD

Kaderimin Oyunu Episode 11 English Review

Here are the decisions made in Kaderimin Oyunu and the breakup!

Star's popular NGM Media series Kaderimin Oyunu 'The Game of My Destiny' premieres friday with a new episode. Starring; The story is followed with even more enthusiasm by the audience with the revelation that Kaderimin Oyunu 'The Game of My Destiny', which features Karayel, Akin Akinözü and Sarp Apak, will continue in the second season.

Following Star TV's second season deal with producer NGM Medya, there are millions of viewers eagerly awaiting new episodes of the series... New decisions and steps towards separation will be made in the story of the 11th episode of The Game of Destiny, which aired 10 episodes.

Chapter 11; The surprise offer to Helin brings Cemal to the brink of separating him from Asiye and his children. While Mahir's plan for the future does not create the excitement he expects in Asiye, this causes Mahir to make some decisions about his own life.

Cemal learns a great secret that Helin has kept from him all these years. The revelation of this secret changes all the balances between Asiye and Jamal, while the result will turn into a catastrophe.

Emre Kabakuşak sits in the director's chair of Kaderimin Oyunu "The Game of My Destiny", produced by Nazlı Heptürk and produced by NGM Medya. Gul Abus Semerci wrote the screenplay for the series. Kaderimin Oyunu 'The Game of My Destiny' will bring to the screen the life of Asiye, who is trying to survive at a young age with her two children...

Kaderimin Oyunu EPISODE 11 ❤️

An unexpected proposal from Helin puts Cemal on the verge of separation from Asiye and her children. Although Mahir's plan for the future does not cause the same excitement in Asiye. Unsurprisingly, this situation causes Mahir to make some decisions regarding his life. 

Cemal discovers a great secret that Helin has hidden from her all these years. Revealing this secret will change all the balances between Asiye and Cemal, and the result will become a great catastrophe.

 Friday, March 4 at Star. SAFETY PIN!

 "Very happy to have had the opportunity to see him once again and have a little chat with him! One of my favorite Turkish actors.  Always so friendly, so nice, quite a real gentleman! He is the best! "

Anastasia Ross, as you know, is not the first time she has met Akın personally. Anastasia Ross was one of those who also visited Akın in Midyat as part of an Israeli fandom and supported her favorite actor at that difficult time of April 2021.

Last Sunday was no exception. Anastasia and several other fans have been waiting for Akın since the morning at the door of the Demirhan mansion where filming takes place. We didn't have to wait long: the actor went out in the company of a couple of men and stepped aside. Seeing him, Anastasia waved at him and Akın called them to come over. When asked how she was doing, Anastasia took out a tablet and reminded her of her work. Akın was very happy and immediately remembered her.

- You're Anastasia Ross! I have all your photos/your art at home. 

The actor noted that they are very valuable and important to him, and sincerely thanked, this time in person, for such important gifts. In addition, the girls brought him chocolates and nuts from Siberia. Akın asked if it was just for him or if he could share it with others, to which the girls replied that they had brought him sweet gifts especially for him.

Akın - Do I just have to take a picture with you?!

After taking pictures together, the actor noted that the film crew was instructed to, as far as possible, not let people who are not from the crew into the set of the series due to the situation with covid, because once in January they had to stop filming in relation to this.

 ( * For that reason Akın receives them outside the mansion or the set )

Among the visitors were also fans who, not so long ago, visited Akın on set late at night, when they were filming a scene from an accident. The actor also remembered them.

Akın - Right! How did they get there? We were very concerned about you.

Finally wishing the fans a good day, and thanking once again for their support, Akın said: 

Akın - And now I'm going to eat their chocolates in my caravan!

Here are some excerpts from Anastasia's previous encounters with Akın:

🌺 "Akin is a very polite person, I would also like to add that he is a true gentleman, he makes compliments and raises self-esteem with nice words ("you look beautiful", "a very nice name", "I take pictures with my flowers", etc.) Thanks again to him for agreeing to go down for a couple of minutes, we really wanted to give him gifts." 🌺

🌺 "In a word, he is a 'gentleman'. And also really very handsome, like in a photograph. There are people who are photogenic, but in real life they are not so spectacular, that is not the case with Akın, he is REALLY very handsome, tall and still very thin. Polite, in spite of everything, did not raise his voice to the fans, polite and gives compliments to everyone. He respects the female gender, that's the impression he leaves of him. A good guy." 🌺

PS: Anastasia Ross repeatedly gave gifts to Akın Akınözü, created by her personally in digital format, and participated in the creation of a cover for a book in her honor.

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