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Destan Episode 14 Summary and Frames

Destan Episode 14 Summary and Frames

Destan 14 With English
Destan Episode 14 With English Subtitles

Destan Episode 14 With English Subtitles

Destan 14 With English Subtitles

So , in essence , the entire episode was about Alpagu's emotional reaction to Batuga's secret , Batuga's sentencing , his ensuing rage , and his escape plan . Up until the escape , it was a fairly " mild " so - so episode . 

Kaya , now Yagbu , coerces the Council members into voting for Batuga's execution , claiming that those who favour a traitor's release will be denied access to the Silk Road . He is terrified of Batuga's intellect and the possibility of him becoming Han . Kaya is all about power , as we all know . 

Hell , maybe Kiricek will become his second wife ? Who knows . I loved Gunseli's fervent defence of Batuga . You could tell she was secretly proud of him . Likewise , I thought Temur's chastisement of her was apt . Her anger has been directed towards other women , when it should have been channeled towards Kaya ; he has betrayed her after all .

• Batuga's Plan Batuga asks Alpagu for a favour during his execution . He would like Akkiz to be present during the event leading her to temporarily leave the dungeons . 

• Saltuk disobeys the Han just as Batuga's throat is about to be slashed by the executioner . Temur , Saltuk , Batuga attack everyone in the room , with Akkiz catching on and joining . Batuga manages to catch Alpagu off guard and holds a sword to his throat . Batuga's final words to Alpagu is vowing to be his mortal enemy . 

Loved this !!! They use Kaya as collateral , allowing them to successfully exit the palace via the secret passageways . Alpagu follows Batuga through the tunnels which he realises have been opened , and he examines Batuga's drawings on the walls , which show his intelligence and emotions in the face of adversity . 

Kaya is knocked unconscious , and the rest of the team flees with him in tow , going into hiding . 

• Colpan and Balamir are pleasantly proud of Batuga when they learn of his escape from Gok . I liked this scene . It's as though it suddenly occurred to me that he's both of their nephews .

• Batuga shouts at Alpagu . Alpagu has failed his son yet again . Alpagu told Batuga he could have confided in him about his secret , and as his father , Alpagu could have kept it hidden . Alpagu states that he's begged many times to his " mindless " son to speak . Batuga then says that he had no idea when Alpagu would choose to be a Han versus a father . The two roles are not segregated . 

This was a rather sorrowful encounter to listen in on . Alpagu is a Han , and I can't believe he's made the same mistake twice . What good is that power of his ? This was such a pivotal turning point . Many members of his family have broken Toreh laws , so the rapid judgement was disappointing ( once again ) . I'm not sure how Batuga will ever find the strength to forgive him . On Alpagu's deathbed , perhaps ? 

• Kiricek and Batuga's scenes are JUST !! I love ! I understand she's self serving , and her knowledge of his lack of " condition " is what leads her to treat him as an equal , but something about their interactions appeals to me . I'm in the minority , but it's giving enemies to lovers ( except there will be no lovers lol ) . 

I really believe she could grow to care for him and vice versa beyond the power dynamics . I honestly don't mind Akkiz - Batuga so much anymore ; they're growing on me but it's still very much most loyal soldier for me .

EI Thoughts 

I wouldn't care much if Sirma dies but I'm pretty sure she'll survive . Kun Ata is with them after all . I don't even want to think about when Alpagu discovers Ulu Ece is the one who betrayed him . I think he'd just physically crumble away at his injustice . 

I also think showing Batuga practising fighting a few times shouldn't mean his swordsmanship is out of this world amazing . A few days of training ( even with greats like Akkiz and Saltuk ) will not overpower people who have been doing so for years . But I do think the dizi may exaggerate this .

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