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Alparslan Episode 15 English Review

Alparslan Episode 15 English Review

Alparslan 15 English
Alparslan Episode 15 English Subtitles

Alparslan Episode 15 English Review

Summary P1

Alparslan's Accusation : 

• We saw Alparslan fall into Bozan's trap hook , line , and sinker in the last episode . Meymun led him to a group of " hidden " Qarmatians , who were slaughtered by Alparslan and his Alps . However , after they left with Haci Yusuf Bey , a Qarmatian disguised amongst the ranks of the Ghazni soldiers killed innocent townspeople and kidnapped others . 

Alparslan is now being accused of killing innocent civilians by mistaking them for Qarmatians . Tughril sends Alparslan and his Alps to the dungeons , but tells him in private that he has 24 hours to clear his name or he will be forced to surrender . 

• When Alparslan arrives back in Ghazni , a young child hidden beneath the bed guides him to the captive people under the floorboards begging for help . Bozan arrives , and Alparslan holds a sword to his throat . Bozan has Alparslan apprehended and escorted to Bust . Alparslan confides in Sehver about the young boy who saw the Qarmatian soldier's face . 

• Sehver tells Alparslan that Bozan will be delivering the kidnapped townspeople to Rey in order to tesitify in favour Alparslan's innocence . Bozan plans for an organised ambush to occur by the Qarmatians , however Alparslan arrives in time to save the victims . The boy then clears his name by pointing at the hidden Qarmatian who Bozan ( obviously ) kills .

Summary P2 

Bozan : 

Shehver has serious doubts about Bozan ! Finally . She's been so dense for so long . She has Bozan go over the " trade arrangement " he's struck with the Byzantine in great detail . He explains that the deal is for a steel that will be used to make the weapons . 

The " steel " is composed of cheap iron , and Batur Bey reveals Bozan's dishonest dealings to Sehver as he steals the chest on Alparslan's instructions . Can I just say how happy I am that Bozan's arc is coming to a close in Episode 17 ? He was decent enough , but good riddance . He's finally dying ... 

Karaca is expecting a child . When her brother dies , I believe she will seek vengeance . Suleyman will support her even if she goes into exile , so let's stay tuned ! She has the potential to become our new resident villain . 

Byzantine : 

Because of their personal ambitions , Evdokya and Diyojen have devised a plan to depose the Tekfur . I like them so much ! But poor Kekavmenos ... Betrayed on all fronts and he's lost his son . He really does seem to love Akça ( despite the whole murder debacle ! ) They better not kill this man off . He's providing bants .

Summary P3 

Romance : 

• Guys , the romance ! To be honest , the dizi got off to a fantastic start , the stuff of historical dreams . The romance then grew dry like the Sahara desert . It needed excitement . Imagine my surprise when I saw Episodes 13 and 14 ! Baris effende is incredibly flirty . All this smirking . I was like EY ? Where was this energy four episodes ago ? AkAlp was resurrected LMAO . All of their codes conversations . He's been basically admitting that he loves her ! 

• As you do not seem to value your life , defend it as if it were mine " 

• " We know who is the true owner of my heart , " A romance goes a long way into making a dizi so supremely enjoyable . Cheesing at their scenes these last two eps . His and Suleyman's conversation . 

Even the way she seemed put that he hasn't actually asked for her hand in marriage yet ! Alpagut : Alpagut tries to deliver a message to alert Alparslan of the Yinal hostage situation , but he then exits the room . Someone definitely read it . The carrier pigeon he sends is arrowed down too . He's definitely going to get caught ! I really hope they have him reunite with Akinay before this happens , but I genuinely think that the next time she meets her son , he will die in her arms !

Summary P4 

• Ibrahim Yinal : 

As a " semi - villian , " he's a lot of fun to watch . I really liked his story this episode . Due to Batur Bey and his Alps ' zealous defence of Alparslan in the murder accusation against innocent civilians , Yinal dismisses them from the Post . With his soldiers / army , Diyojen has now blocked the Headquarters / Post . He intends to force Yinal to surrender by starving because they only have enough food for two more days . 

He dispatches a messanger to inform the soldiers that if they surrender , they would not be killed and will be able to safely leave the Post . Yinal , on the other hand , kills the messenger and tosses the head at Diyojen . This made me laugh . He devises an attack in which the doors are temporarily opened and archers fire arrows at the Byzantines , during which time Yinal releases his personal horse to Merv . 

The martyr he sent on a horse was simply a ruse . The way Diyojen dragged that poor man and yelled " IBRAHIM YINAL " ! Haha , their relationship is even more aggressive than Diyojen and Alparslans ! 

• Akça 

Akca wishes to reclaim the Byzantine's trust . This time , with Alparslan's help , she offers them accurate information ; she informs them that Yinal has dispatched his horse to Merv , and that reinforcements in the form of Alparslan and his soldiers are on their way . She provides the Byzantines the location , and the General , out of ego , chooses to take command of the operation . 

General loses in a one on one with Alparslan , and his life is bargained with at the end of the episode by Alparslan who tells Diyojen to stop the blockade and leave the Headquarters . Hmm ? Does Diyojen give a toss about this elderly man who is essentially his personal adversary ? No , I do not believe so . I loved the episode . These last two have been really enjoyable for me .

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